Monday, May 09, 2005

Parents Beating Me Up With Their Kids

Why is it that parents do not control their kids in public today? They tune out their offspring as they are used to doing at home. I go into restaurants and movie theatres all the time and kids are running and screaming while their parents pay no attention to them. They don’t even seem to care that they maybe their kids are disturbing others who do not have kids or families who have well taught kids, and are not used it the noise and unruly actions on a daily basis.

I was in one buffet style restaurant and while I was getting my food I looked over to see a young child (4-5 years old) climbing up onto the ice cream machine. The manager saw the child about the same time and he went over to the machine and encouraged the child down off of the vending machine. I watched him take the youngster over to the parents who were in deep conversation with their friends and had not even noticed that their youngster had wondered off. Lord what if someone had kidnapped the child?

I couldn’t believe the unawareness and surprise when the manager delivered the child back to the table. The mom apologized and yelled at her child but as soon as she, her husband and their friends continued their conversation, their little boy went scurrying off; and yes you guessed it proceeded, once again, to climb up the ice cream machine to get some of the delightful treat.

Since the time I arrived to the restaurant up to that point, I heard it announced at least three times: “Please accompany children under ten years of age to the buffet bar.” I don’t know if the parents were too involved in their conversation; if they just didn’t understand the request in English or just didn’t care at all. However, once again I saw the manager delivered their child to the table and once again, mom yelled at the bambino but again he wondered off, undetected by his parents.

I was standing in line in a box office lobby at a popular theatre in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The d├ęcor and acoustics of the lobby allowed for an echo timbre. Once a little girl standing between me and her father realized the echo, she began to yell and was excited that her yell echoed backed to her. Yes, it was cute at first but the father of the child allowed her to run and yell in the lobby screaming so she could hear her echo for a good eight to ten minutes. I thought I was going to die before finally getting my ticket. I wanted so badly to ask him if he would please tend to his child. I think we find ourselves enduring these problems not because it’s correct to do so but too many people believe the law to be on the side of these people who abuse us with their children.

I am a man who has finally arrived to the age of sixty and I remember that our parents wouldn’t allow us to misbehave in public or run around in a public area, if for no other reason they cared enough not to have us kidnapped or molested by a pervert. If we were yelling, crying or running around, we usually got taken out of the area and many of us got our butts whooped - no not abused as the liberal camp would have everyone believe.

The new liberal rule that has surfaced in the last thirty years have made parents afraid to discipline their children today and were quickly realizing that sending them to the corner or “time out” is not working. The children can’t be disciplined at school. Therefore these children are allowed to be unruly and not take instructions. Many of these kids will be the out-of-control rebellious adults and criminals of the future since as children they were allowed to “have their own way” so will they require it in the society of the future.

Parents wake up, our restaurants and theatres are NOT your dining and living rooms, and please have some respect for people around you.