Sunday, July 01, 2007


It seems that with the recent failure of the “amnesty bill”, Congress has probably heard from more of the people than they have in the history of our government. Because of Talk Radio, the internet connection and blogs such as this one, more channels have been opened to the people to voice their opinion. It’s all about data. Give it ALL to us and let us make the decision. During this time Talk Radio gave us the data we needed to make us react, and hoards of people called, faxed and emailed their congressmen like never before, making a difference on what, according to the people, was about to be a big mistake.

The life force of Talk Radio is dependant on networks marketing a program that is NOT one sided; survival requires the opposition to give voice. "Air America" tried to broadcast without this mindset and had to eventually file for bankruptcy. Although the Green Family Media saved the network, there currently are no programs syndicated as a part of Air America Syndication. During the time of the Fairness Doctrine this would have worked for them but now that there is no government rule over what position they’re required to take, when they take their own political view and point, it doesn’t necessarily care what the listeners have to say. The mindset was “Oh, yes listen to our station to get us the ratings but don’t give us your opinion or view.”

It’s true that the purpose of the old Fairness Doctrine was to get both sides and views to we the listeners; but as most government controlled issues, it turned out to have a different agenda. The question was “which party of the government governed it?” What does "both sides" mean to the reigning party of our Administration? It seems that Congress become nonpartisan only when we’re under attack or have a catastrophe, therefore with a party’s rule from the winning side of the election, governing “fairness” would be like the fox guarding the hen house. A policy can only be as unbiased as its enforcement.

Therefore, except for vulgarity and obscenities, Congress shouldn’t govern the airways for content, and continue to allow free enterprise to do it. It’s okay to have stations/networks give a partisan view as long as the public has choice to turn somewhere else to get the other side of the story; and from all of the data, make up our own minds, this is truly “power to the people” and not just power with those representatives of the people who are duped and taken down a rosy path only to end up sitting in the briar patch at the end of the trail.

I like it when conservative talk show hosts take certain time to air only those who disagree with them. This goes back as far as when Limbaugh became famous, as on certain days he requested that only”Liberals” call in. Not only does it make for a good overview of what the people do or do not know, it also keeps the host on his or her toes to be sure they are giving us truth and not just another agenda. Senator Diane Feinstein’s out rage against Conservative Talk Radio was a typical reaction by the “people are stupid and need to be told what to think,” mentality. Actually Senator Feinstein the problem with the people is they have been starved for the truth while being spoon-fed pabulum of untruth by “the left”, but now we have found Talk Radio and it has shown us the meat of the truth. You see Senator the “talk” in Talk Radio isn’t about a commentator replacing FM music. No, “talk” refers to conversation, meeting of the minds, getting the input and opinions of “the people” and advising us as to what we can do about a declining situation. Hence, Senator, the real problem for you and others on the hill, is that Conservative Talk Radio uncovers the shade and shines light onto much of the wrong doings of Congress.

If Congressmen and women would listen more to these talk shows instead of what their staff has to say about them; or what a “bulldog” leading Senator/Representative has to say then they would bite their tongue before making an erroneous political statement like: “conservative talk radio is unfair.” They would also get a better view of what their constituents want and therefore serve them better. They would announce statements like, “My constituents have talked about it and they feel that I should . . .” This is a revolution for the people, by the people, to the people that represent them. It was for this purpose that Conservative Talk Radio came about to give the other side or the rest of the story we heard from the TV liberal media. Paul Harvey convinced many of us that when we hear the “rest of the story,” it changes the entire point in many situations and makes us go, “hmm . . ."