Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today, as I usually do, I watched the Doctors TV Show. This Show has been so informative for so many of us viewers. However today (1/23/13) they gave the best truth and hope for all of us to know. They pointed out what I've always wondered about and asked over and over but was never given an answer:


The problem is not the cost of the insurance or financial avenues needed to pay our medical bills, but the source of the cost that make medical bills so high. Today the Doctors revealed that doctors are suggesting unneeded tests, medicine and operations. Finally we have a public proclamation to the real reason for these outrageous costs.

As with our utilities services, states have a control to keep we, the consumer from being gouged. However, this would cause an extreme medical/financial breakdown to impose such measures upon the medical profession in one swoop, right now. However, we have general agencies, such as the Better Business Bureau that certify certain businesses so the consumer doesn't get taken. The Doctors, as I have said over and over, stated that we need to mention agencies that have the integrity to certify doctors, and medial agencies; much like Angie's List does for the general consumer.

My hats off to The Doctors and I can only hope that ABC will pass this “Hot Topic” on to their other Talk Shows, such as The View, etc. We need this question and concern to go viral!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Upholding Our Immigration Laws

In response to Arizona's stirring the pot of disregard for our Immigration Laws. This is also for the benefit of those who today do not pay attention to details by only getting their news and political views from state media sound/video bytes and from stand-up comedians, may I comment:

Plainly, why should we have a law on our books that we’re ashamed to uphold? I commend Arizona and I agree that it’s about time the entire country follows its lead and take action to UPHOLD this LAW, by not closing our eyes to it as if it doesn’t exist. If we believe this law should not be enforced then NONE of our laws should stand up in the courts. It's plain to see that the people who are offended by Arizona enforcing the law, believe it should remain "hush, hush" on the books as it has for the last forty-some odd years. However, If "we the people", believe that any law is unfair then we should appeal to our representatives to remove it from the books, and not shout down the enforcers of the law. But in doing so we must realize how unfair and unjust it would be to those who abided by the law before that decision, and until that decision be made the law should be enforced. If we let this one slide then other laws will become weakened and our society will crumble and become a lawless nation.

YES, we’ve been asleep on this one, and much pain is spreading throughout the country because one state has decided to awaken the EAGLE to fly right and make the law effective. I actually agree with our President, since we have ignored keeping the law, it is only fair that we should give those the choice to either go back to their countries, or stay and pay a fine, and go through the process that OTHER legal immigrants have done to become a citizen; and this should include learning the English language. It is proven over and over by other countries that the common bind for a people comes when all speak the same language because language barriers cause division and confusion.

I know that although it seems like profiling, we need to uphold this law. I also think we should fine those who supported these lawbreakers by hiring them daily. It is these who have caused this problem to fester by creating a bed of unlawful refuge for these “illegals.” They exploit them by getting them to work for less than a laborers’ worth because they (the workers) are illegal. Then these vultures dare to justify their cause by proclaiming, along with their congressional benefactors, that these people do the work most Americans won’t when in fact these vultures don’t want to pay the correct going-labor value for the jobs and instead prey on these helpless ones to get their work done. This also allows the vultures to side-step the legal work process of the country which the rest of us have to uphold and abide by, including paying taxes. Therefore the illegal day-laborer employers do not have to do the paperwork and abide by risk management laws. This is also very unfair to the law-abiding employer.

Finally the people who have come to this country legally by completing the required process can now be assured that they DID NOT do it all in vain.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


(Continuing Concerns For Rising Oil Prices from the Voice of The People)

I’m so disappointed with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stance on the current Oil Crisis this country is suffering, while she uses the “sky is falling” speculation as her excuse to ignore the realities of the situation. There are TOO MANY contradictions with the Global Warming theory whereas there ARE NONE with the oil impasse.

Although I can agree that we need to wean ourselves off of oil for an energy source, as should the rest of the world, but Congress doesn’t need to make us GO COLD TURKEY, right now. We’ll have to WALK if we can’t buy gas. Surely Congress knows that the cities of this country are laid out in a manner that one cannot walk to and from their job. If they don’t do something about it now even the “green transport,” i.e. public transportation won’t be affordable because their prices must also go up to pay for the rise in gas/diesel prices. It’s a domino effect, that we call economics. Congress should have learned from the 9/11 crisis, that when the finances of the Free World were attacked we felt the ramifications in ALL areas of our economy.

Therefore, there are ways of accomplishing both goals. The important thing is to take care of the immediate need and then slowly take care of the long range resolution for a new energy source. I, for one, am looking forward to clean nuclear power as the energy source of the world, but it takes more time to get there than Congress is giving us now.

Although, I do agree with Obama that we can help with increasing our gas mileage by inflating our tires, but this is hardly the answer we need to hear from our leaders as what they can do. In that speech, he avoided his own resolution but putting it back on the people instead of a wiser one from one who would manage our country. We get this sort of advice from our tire companies (whose products are associated with oil, btw), whereas our leaders have the power (although collectively) to make a bigger difference. This is what we want to hear from a man seeking our votes; what HE can do, and not him figuratively pointing a finger by telling us that we have the answer, ourselves. I also agree with the idea of using smaller vehicles so we can be better stewards of our energy, but then again, I am a conservative. However, to allow the people to go through an energy breakdown is not the answer for saving the planet, and neither is it good for building non partisan relationships when the attitudes is “look how much energy you saved by not driving!”

I question how members of the Congress are even aware of the pain they’ve allowed the people to endure since they are not affected personally due to their expense accounts; and even if their own pockets were affected, they’re too rich to experience the full effect of what is happening to the rest of us concerning gas prices.

Notice that the fact that we are even considering doing something about our FOREIGN oil dependency, the prices are slowly dropping when it was predicted that they would rise to 6.00 a gallon before they would drop. Well the average never got above 4.38 and now it’s going down closer to $3.57. It’s almost as if the President and many members of Congress are calling the FOREIGN Oil provider’s bluff. The FOREIGN providers are hoping for our divided house on this issue while they char our pockets in the process. By drilling on our land and off-shores, the FOREIGN suppliers will be begging us to buy from them, as the demand will drop for them at a time we won’t need them. (They have too much financial control over our country anyway!)

Members of Congress are sent to Washington to represent us and our interests in our country, but it doesn’t seem that all of them are listening to us rather to political associates and special interest groups who all have a monetary gain. The special interests groups are not the only voice in our country.

We now have a media that involves the people. The Old Dinosaur Media had very little interaction with the public; it was merely an output system with little or no input methods. The media/press is designed to be the fourth part of our democratic system but in the primitive world of it’s creation it wasn’t interactive. Otherwise the voice of the people was given only by the opinion of a few, who could be bought and sold.

We now have mediums that make interactive communication more visible with more fidelity and with a broader spectrum. It’s like comparing MONO HI-FI to QUAD 7-1 SOUND SYSTEMS; which doesn’t require a rocket scientist degree to see which is more viable for an enhanced spectrum; so for the people’s voice of this country whereas the new media can truly make the dream of our forefathers a better reality with more fullness. The new media should be used for its advantages of hearing the people’s desires for their country instead of attempts to silence it. As for the “fairness law”, my question is: what side of the agenda fence of wheeling politics can govern fairly the public and private opinions? Therefore each controlling side of the floor can only have its own agenda which is why all of them should leave it alone and let the voice of the people play loud and communicate what they want their representatives to do.

I can only hope and pray that ALL of Congress will utilize the new media of Talk Radio, Internet, Email and Faxmail as tools for listening more closely to their constituents instead of their associates and “special interests” groups. The questions a politician may not want to answer or the fact that they don’t want to listen to the people is a clear fact they are not there for the people but self gratification and therefore their employer’s should fire them!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


It seems that with the recent failure of the “amnesty bill”, Congress has probably heard from more of the people than they have in the history of our government. Because of Talk Radio, the internet connection and blogs such as this one, more channels have been opened to the people to voice their opinion. It’s all about data. Give it ALL to us and let us make the decision. During this time Talk Radio gave us the data we needed to make us react, and hoards of people called, faxed and emailed their congressmen like never before, making a difference on what, according to the people, was about to be a big mistake.

The life force of Talk Radio is dependant on networks marketing a program that is NOT one sided; survival requires the opposition to give voice. "Air America" tried to broadcast without this mindset and had to eventually file for bankruptcy. Although the Green Family Media saved the network, there currently are no programs syndicated as a part of Air America Syndication. During the time of the Fairness Doctrine this would have worked for them but now that there is no government rule over what position they’re required to take, when they take their own political view and point, it doesn’t necessarily care what the listeners have to say. The mindset was “Oh, yes listen to our station to get us the ratings but don’t give us your opinion or view.”

It’s true that the purpose of the old Fairness Doctrine was to get both sides and views to we the listeners; but as most government controlled issues, it turned out to have a different agenda. The question was “which party of the government governed it?” What does "both sides" mean to the reigning party of our Administration? It seems that Congress become nonpartisan only when we’re under attack or have a catastrophe, therefore with a party’s rule from the winning side of the election, governing “fairness” would be like the fox guarding the hen house. A policy can only be as unbiased as its enforcement.

Therefore, except for vulgarity and obscenities, Congress shouldn’t govern the airways for content, and continue to allow free enterprise to do it. It’s okay to have stations/networks give a partisan view as long as the public has choice to turn somewhere else to get the other side of the story; and from all of the data, make up our own minds, this is truly “power to the people” and not just power with those representatives of the people who are duped and taken down a rosy path only to end up sitting in the briar patch at the end of the trail.

I like it when conservative talk show hosts take certain time to air only those who disagree with them. This goes back as far as when Limbaugh became famous, as on certain days he requested that only”Liberals” call in. Not only does it make for a good overview of what the people do or do not know, it also keeps the host on his or her toes to be sure they are giving us truth and not just another agenda. Senator Diane Feinstein’s out rage against Conservative Talk Radio was a typical reaction by the “people are stupid and need to be told what to think,” mentality. Actually Senator Feinstein the problem with the people is they have been starved for the truth while being spoon-fed pabulum of untruth by “the left”, but now we have found Talk Radio and it has shown us the meat of the truth. You see Senator the “talk” in Talk Radio isn’t about a commentator replacing FM music. No, “talk” refers to conversation, meeting of the minds, getting the input and opinions of “the people” and advising us as to what we can do about a declining situation. Hence, Senator, the real problem for you and others on the hill, is that Conservative Talk Radio uncovers the shade and shines light onto much of the wrong doings of Congress.

If Congressmen and women would listen more to these talk shows instead of what their staff has to say about them; or what a “bulldog” leading Senator/Representative has to say then they would bite their tongue before making an erroneous political statement like: “conservative talk radio is unfair.” They would also get a better view of what their constituents want and therefore serve them better. They would announce statements like, “My constituents have talked about it and they feel that I should . . .” This is a revolution for the people, by the people, to the people that represent them. It was for this purpose that Conservative Talk Radio came about to give the other side or the rest of the story we heard from the TV liberal media. Paul Harvey convinced many of us that when we hear the “rest of the story,” it changes the entire point in many situations and makes us go, “hmm . . ."

Friday, April 28, 2006


Tonight I saw Universals UNITED 93. Directed by Paul Greengrass, director of the Borne Supremacy, and I was impressed from the very beginning as the lights dimmed, followed by a good ten to fifteen seconds of blank screen and NO trailers (previews). The film portrays the people of a quiescent America making their everyday rote activates of life without a care or concern of anything big happening that would change most of our lives.

I was impressed how each moment of the film drew me in, raising my nervousness level to a high not experienced in some time while watching a movie. The film brilliantly illustrated how the Civilian Air Traffic Controllers and Military Command Centers responded as they were plunged into an unimaginable perplexed situation and struggled to bring order from the mayhem of events facing them.

The long awaited information of what exactly happened and how it transpired was intensely portrayed on the screen. I realized as never before the amazing courage of the passengers who when they realized that their lives would probably be over anyway, their compassion gave them the determination to do whatever they could to save whatever target their vessel was destined to destroy.

I believe, mostly due to low profile, this film will be a sleeper at first but through word of mouth, curiosity, and reviews many more viewers will be drawn to the theatres to see it as this film should hang for weeks on the big screen. - Teerobb

Thursday, August 18, 2005

What's Up? Gas Prices! Beat Their Game!

I've come to the conclusion that rising gas prices aren't really caused by crude oil sales and availability, but the refineries and gas distributors.

So with that being said, I've been watching the rate and span of time which gas prices rise and fall. It seems that the rise lasts for about a week and then dip back down to the prices prior to the last raise. I've learned a way to save during these ups and downs by pacing my gas consumption.

When gas prices fall, I immediately fill up. When they rise, I merely purchase $7.00 to $10.00 worth, depending upon the price. This gets me through the 4 to 5 days price raise until they sink again.

If everyone who purchased gas would regulate their gas consumption then the gas companies will see that "we aren't going to take it."

Monday, May 09, 2005

Parents Beating Me Up With Their Kids

Why is it that parents do not control their kids in public today? They tune out their offspring as they are used to doing at home. I go into restaurants and movie theatres all the time and kids are running and screaming while their parents pay no attention to them. They don’t even seem to care that they maybe their kids are disturbing others who do not have kids or families who have well taught kids, and are not used it the noise and unruly actions on a daily basis.

I was in one buffet style restaurant and while I was getting my food I looked over to see a young child (4-5 years old) climbing up onto the ice cream machine. The manager saw the child about the same time and he went over to the machine and encouraged the child down off of the vending machine. I watched him take the youngster over to the parents who were in deep conversation with their friends and had not even noticed that their youngster had wondered off. Lord what if someone had kidnapped the child?

I couldn’t believe the unawareness and surprise when the manager delivered the child back to the table. The mom apologized and yelled at her child but as soon as she, her husband and their friends continued their conversation, their little boy went scurrying off; and yes you guessed it proceeded, once again, to climb up the ice cream machine to get some of the delightful treat.

Since the time I arrived to the restaurant up to that point, I heard it announced at least three times: “Please accompany children under ten years of age to the buffet bar.” I don’t know if the parents were too involved in their conversation; if they just didn’t understand the request in English or just didn’t care at all. However, once again I saw the manager delivered their child to the table and once again, mom yelled at the bambino but again he wondered off, undetected by his parents.

I was standing in line in a box office lobby at a popular theatre in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The d├ęcor and acoustics of the lobby allowed for an echo timbre. Once a little girl standing between me and her father realized the echo, she began to yell and was excited that her yell echoed backed to her. Yes, it was cute at first but the father of the child allowed her to run and yell in the lobby screaming so she could hear her echo for a good eight to ten minutes. I thought I was going to die before finally getting my ticket. I wanted so badly to ask him if he would please tend to his child. I think we find ourselves enduring these problems not because it’s correct to do so but too many people believe the law to be on the side of these people who abuse us with their children.

I am a man who has finally arrived to the age of sixty and I remember that our parents wouldn’t allow us to misbehave in public or run around in a public area, if for no other reason they cared enough not to have us kidnapped or molested by a pervert. If we were yelling, crying or running around, we usually got taken out of the area and many of us got our butts whooped - no not abused as the liberal camp would have everyone believe.

The new liberal rule that has surfaced in the last thirty years have made parents afraid to discipline their children today and were quickly realizing that sending them to the corner or “time out” is not working. The children can’t be disciplined at school. Therefore these children are allowed to be unruly and not take instructions. Many of these kids will be the out-of-control rebellious adults and criminals of the future since as children they were allowed to “have their own way” so will they require it in the society of the future.

Parents wake up, our restaurants and theatres are NOT your dining and living rooms, and please have some respect for people around you.