Tuesday, August 05, 2008


(Continuing Concerns For Rising Oil Prices from the Voice of The People)

I’m so disappointed with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stance on the current Oil Crisis this country is suffering, while she uses the “sky is falling” speculation as her excuse to ignore the realities of the situation. There are TOO MANY contradictions with the Global Warming theory whereas there ARE NONE with the oil impasse.

Although I can agree that we need to wean ourselves off of oil for an energy source, as should the rest of the world, but Congress doesn’t need to make us GO COLD TURKEY, right now. We’ll have to WALK if we can’t buy gas. Surely Congress knows that the cities of this country are laid out in a manner that one cannot walk to and from their job. If they don’t do something about it now even the “green transport,” i.e. public transportation won’t be affordable because their prices must also go up to pay for the rise in gas/diesel prices. It’s a domino effect, that we call economics. Congress should have learned from the 9/11 crisis, that when the finances of the Free World were attacked we felt the ramifications in ALL areas of our economy.

Therefore, there are ways of accomplishing both goals. The important thing is to take care of the immediate need and then slowly take care of the long range resolution for a new energy source. I, for one, am looking forward to clean nuclear power as the energy source of the world, but it takes more time to get there than Congress is giving us now.

Although, I do agree with Obama that we can help with increasing our gas mileage by inflating our tires, but this is hardly the answer we need to hear from our leaders as what they can do. In that speech, he avoided his own resolution but putting it back on the people instead of a wiser one from one who would manage our country. We get this sort of advice from our tire companies (whose products are associated with oil, btw), whereas our leaders have the power (although collectively) to make a bigger difference. This is what we want to hear from a man seeking our votes; what HE can do, and not him figuratively pointing a finger by telling us that we have the answer, ourselves. I also agree with the idea of using smaller vehicles so we can be better stewards of our energy, but then again, I am a conservative. However, to allow the people to go through an energy breakdown is not the answer for saving the planet, and neither is it good for building non partisan relationships when the attitudes is “look how much energy you saved by not driving!”

I question how members of the Congress are even aware of the pain they’ve allowed the people to endure since they are not affected personally due to their expense accounts; and even if their own pockets were affected, they’re too rich to experience the full effect of what is happening to the rest of us concerning gas prices.

Notice that the fact that we are even considering doing something about our FOREIGN oil dependency, the prices are slowly dropping when it was predicted that they would rise to 6.00 a gallon before they would drop. Well the average never got above 4.38 and now it’s going down closer to $3.57. It’s almost as if the President and many members of Congress are calling the FOREIGN Oil provider’s bluff. The FOREIGN providers are hoping for our divided house on this issue while they char our pockets in the process. By drilling on our land and off-shores, the FOREIGN suppliers will be begging us to buy from them, as the demand will drop for them at a time we won’t need them. (They have too much financial control over our country anyway!)

Members of Congress are sent to Washington to represent us and our interests in our country, but it doesn’t seem that all of them are listening to us rather to political associates and special interest groups who all have a monetary gain. The special interests groups are not the only voice in our country.

We now have a media that involves the people. The Old Dinosaur Media had very little interaction with the public; it was merely an output system with little or no input methods. The media/press is designed to be the fourth part of our democratic system but in the primitive world of it’s creation it wasn’t interactive. Otherwise the voice of the people was given only by the opinion of a few, who could be bought and sold.

We now have mediums that make interactive communication more visible with more fidelity and with a broader spectrum. It’s like comparing MONO HI-FI to QUAD 7-1 SOUND SYSTEMS; which doesn’t require a rocket scientist degree to see which is more viable for an enhanced spectrum; so for the people’s voice of this country whereas the new media can truly make the dream of our forefathers a better reality with more fullness. The new media should be used for its advantages of hearing the people’s desires for their country instead of attempts to silence it. As for the “fairness law”, my question is: what side of the agenda fence of wheeling politics can govern fairly the public and private opinions? Therefore each controlling side of the floor can only have its own agenda which is why all of them should leave it alone and let the voice of the people play loud and communicate what they want their representatives to do.

I can only hope and pray that ALL of Congress will utilize the new media of Talk Radio, Internet, Email and Faxmail as tools for listening more closely to their constituents instead of their associates and “special interests” groups. The questions a politician may not want to answer or the fact that they don’t want to listen to the people is a clear fact they are not there for the people but self gratification and therefore their employer’s should fire them!