Friday, April 28, 2006


Tonight I saw Universals UNITED 93. Directed by Paul Greengrass, director of the Borne Supremacy, and I was impressed from the very beginning as the lights dimmed, followed by a good ten to fifteen seconds of blank screen and NO trailers (previews). The film portrays the people of a quiescent America making their everyday rote activates of life without a care or concern of anything big happening that would change most of our lives.

I was impressed how each moment of the film drew me in, raising my nervousness level to a high not experienced in some time while watching a movie. The film brilliantly illustrated how the Civilian Air Traffic Controllers and Military Command Centers responded as they were plunged into an unimaginable perplexed situation and struggled to bring order from the mayhem of events facing them.

The long awaited information of what exactly happened and how it transpired was intensely portrayed on the screen. I realized as never before the amazing courage of the passengers who when they realized that their lives would probably be over anyway, their compassion gave them the determination to do whatever they could to save whatever target their vessel was destined to destroy.

I believe, mostly due to low profile, this film will be a sleeper at first but through word of mouth, curiosity, and reviews many more viewers will be drawn to the theatres to see it as this film should hang for weeks on the big screen. - Teerobb