Thursday, August 18, 2005

What's Up? Gas Prices! Beat Their Game!

I've come to the conclusion that rising gas prices aren't really caused by crude oil sales and availability, but the refineries and gas distributors.

So with that being said, I've been watching the rate and span of time which gas prices rise and fall. It seems that the rise lasts for about a week and then dip back down to the prices prior to the last raise. I've learned a way to save during these ups and downs by pacing my gas consumption.

When gas prices fall, I immediately fill up. When they rise, I merely purchase $7.00 to $10.00 worth, depending upon the price. This gets me through the 4 to 5 days price raise until they sink again.

If everyone who purchased gas would regulate their gas consumption then the gas companies will see that "we aren't going to take it."