Thursday, April 29, 2010

Upholding Our Immigration Laws

In response to Arizona's stirring the pot of disregard for our Immigration Laws. This is also for the benefit of those who today do not pay attention to details by only getting their news and political views from state media sound/video bytes and from stand-up comedians, may I comment:

Plainly, why should we have a law on our books that we’re ashamed to uphold? I commend Arizona and I agree that it’s about time the entire country follows its lead and take action to UPHOLD this LAW, by not closing our eyes to it as if it doesn’t exist. If we believe this law should not be enforced then NONE of our laws should stand up in the courts. It's plain to see that the people who are offended by Arizona enforcing the law, believe it should remain "hush, hush" on the books as it has for the last forty-some odd years. However, If "we the people", believe that any law is unfair then we should appeal to our representatives to remove it from the books, and not shout down the enforcers of the law. But in doing so we must realize how unfair and unjust it would be to those who abided by the law before that decision, and until that decision be made the law should be enforced. If we let this one slide then other laws will become weakened and our society will crumble and become a lawless nation.

YES, we’ve been asleep on this one, and much pain is spreading throughout the country because one state has decided to awaken the EAGLE to fly right and make the law effective. I actually agree with our President, since we have ignored keeping the law, it is only fair that we should give those the choice to either go back to their countries, or stay and pay a fine, and go through the process that OTHER legal immigrants have done to become a citizen; and this should include learning the English language. It is proven over and over by other countries that the common bind for a people comes when all speak the same language because language barriers cause division and confusion.

I know that although it seems like profiling, we need to uphold this law. I also think we should fine those who supported these lawbreakers by hiring them daily. It is these who have caused this problem to fester by creating a bed of unlawful refuge for these “illegals.” They exploit them by getting them to work for less than a laborers’ worth because they (the workers) are illegal. Then these vultures dare to justify their cause by proclaiming, along with their congressional benefactors, that these people do the work most Americans won’t when in fact these vultures don’t want to pay the correct going-labor value for the jobs and instead prey on these helpless ones to get their work done. This also allows the vultures to side-step the legal work process of the country which the rest of us have to uphold and abide by, including paying taxes. Therefore the illegal day-laborer employers do not have to do the paperwork and abide by risk management laws. This is also very unfair to the law-abiding employer.

Finally the people who have come to this country legally by completing the required process can now be assured that they DID NOT do it all in vain.

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